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The 25th (and final)
Phlocking of the Phaithful



June 6 -8, 2019
Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Don't forget to check the latest News Page - last updated 6-3-13 - click here

Registering late? – Kaleys will be leaving for the Bay on Wednesday, June 5. Please do not put any registrations in the mail after Wednesday, May 29th; these will arrive too late to make the list. Please drop a note to to make special arrangements for late registrations.

Deadline to register (WITHOUT PENALTY) is Saturday May 18, 2013.

For all things Trop Rock, be sure to tune into Island Time Radio with DK the DJ  every Monday evening from 10 PM until 1 AM at Dennis, accompanied by his buddy, Amo Bennett, have the best Trop Rock show on the airwaves. Catch up information on events, interviews and live performances with your favorite musicians, and the absolute best variety of music. Special thanks to DK for all of his support. You may spot him on stage at Phlocking introducing musicians or possibly singing back-up!

A huge thank-you to Mr. Ed Fitzgerald, his family and staff, without whom this Phlocking would not take place. Please remember they are working hard to make our event successful; let them know you appreciate it. And always tip your servers and bartenders!

Thanks to our webmaster extraordinaire, Mr. Ken Doerbecker, for getting all the Phlocking updates out to the world.

 Necessary Information –  

The most important thing to remember – Never, never, never walk, drive, operate a bike or golf cart, or  travel in any vehicle with an open container of alcohol. This is absolutely forbidden at Put-In-Bay. You will be fined and spend the night in jail. Don’t take any chances by trying to hide your drink in a coffee cup or other container. The police know all the tricks!

Second most important thing to remember – Always wear your Phlocking ID tags. You will not be admitted to Phlocking private parties without your tag. Your tag gets you to the front of any line at Mr. Ed’s Bar, specials at Del Sol and other island businesses

Support the local cab drivers – By the end of the weekend, they will be your best friends.  “Coconut Tim Pomps,” has happily supplied his cell phone number for everyone to use – 216-789-8938 – he’ll be driving during Phlocking weekend.

Miller Boat Line and Jet Express Discounts – Phlockers’ names are on a list at both ferries. Give your name for a discounted rate. Special thanks to the Miller Boat Line for adding the Phlocking of the Phaithful to their list of events.

Mike and Sharon Serfoza, owners Del Sol, Put-In-BayHarbor Shops, 185 Toledo Avenue always supply our goody bags that change color in the sun – just like the products featured at their store. Check your bag to see if you have a winning ticket, then stop by the store and see this year’s new designs. Be sure to thank Mike and Sharon for their kindness and much appreciated support. Mike and Sharon also have an online store of eco-friendly products -


The Musicians –

Jerry Diaz is now officially a regular at the Phlocking of the Phaithful. This year, Jerry and Mary founders of the fantastic Pardi-Gras that takes place every January in New Orleans, will open our event on Thursday afternoon with his famous Pardi-Gras toast. Based out of the Galveston Bay/Port Arthur, Texas area, Jerry, blends a mixture of his own original Texas beach (and sailing) songs, with classic trop rock tunes.  Jerry’s band, Hanna’s Reef, has also performed at the Phlocking.

Johnny Rodriguez, aptly named Mr. Phlocking, has played at nearly every Phlocking and is always the Thursday evening star at Mr. Ed’s Bar. Johnny knows any song you can throw at him and never fails to amaze us when he plays the 12-string guitar. All of our guests love singing and playing with Johnny, and you never know who may appear on stage with him.

Boudreaux’s Back Porch, with J. Hanson (the artist formerly (and probably forever) known as Junkanoo J) is making their Phlocking debut. Described by J as “foot stomping, swamp boogie, Americana, back porch rock and folk with a lot of original music,”  the band will take the stage on Saturday evening, then remain there as the Phlocking House Band for our jam session. Much love and thanks to J for jumping in and handling the jam, the Sunday Songwriters Show and promising to hang around and play  at Phlocking all weekend!

The Corned Beef & Curry Band, from Pittsburgh, PA, has become very much a part of the Trop Rock scene. The boys will appear at the Boardwalk for late night shows on Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss their special blend of Irish and pop music, sing-alongs and total craziness. There are not enough words to describe this act.

KD Moore has made a major relocation and won’t be able to join us at Phlocking for the entire event, but he promises to make a ‘cameo’ appearance sometime during the weekend. KD has given so much support to Phlocking (and to the 2012 Phlocking cruise) that it’s just not a party without him and Cindy!

John Reno is back for his third Phlocking. John is known to many of us from his appearances at Pardi-Gras and other Trop Rock events throughout the nation. John, along with John Patti, is also well-known as a 2011 finalist for the Folger’s Coffee commercial. John plays a mixture of rock-n-roll and country music with an island theme, and lyrics depicting a laid back lifestyle. John not only defines this musical genre – he lives it!

The Calypso Nuts are more than just a steel drum act. their “Entertainment Without a Net” approach guarantees that each show is custom tailored to fit the event. With no shows identical, the Calypso Nuts have the freedom and flexibility to switch gears in the middle of the show and take the audience in a new direction and to a completely different mood – and they have proven this during their previous two appearances at Phlocking. Welcome back to Robbie and Lynley for a third visit to Put-In-Bay.

Don Middlebrook has performed at Phlocking many times. For Don, “always directed by a new song, a new adventure, and an occasional cold beer, what began as fun and frolic has turned into thirteen years of travel and musical bliss.” We’re glad he’s back with us at Phlocking. Have you heard the legend of how Don stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide?

Kaptain Kurt is back for his second Phlocking adventure. We saw him a few years ago at Mango Mama’s party and knew he’d be perfect for our event. We had so many requests to bring him back! Making the short trip from Vermillion, Ohio, Kurt sings, plays guitar and keyboard, and delivers a personalized performance geared to entertain any audience. You feel like you're in the tropics when Kurt breaks into island mode!   Whether you're singing along, joining the conga line, doing the limbo, constructing a human pyramid, or just listening, his is a performance geared for a high level of fun!  


This year’s ‘new kids’ -

Michael “Crawdaddy” Crawley is with us for the first time and we are incredibly excited to introduce him to the Phlockers. His bio tells us that his grandmother gave him his first harmonica at the age of eight, and his introduction to the world of Trop Rock was at Knoxville’s Tropic Festival in 1997, where he appeared with St. Somewhere, A1A and Greg Bridgewater. Often seen with “Tall Paul,” Crawdaddy has jammed on stage with an impressive list of Trop Rock musicians, and we’ll see him quite often during Phlocking.

Dani Hoy, from York, PA, will be performing this weekend at The Keys and Boardwalk. With heart-felt emotion and a quirky sense of humor, Dani’s approach to music and songwriting is entertaining, expressive and enjoyable. Her laid-back songs and performance will have you ready to head for the surf and sand with a cold one in your hand.

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